Active Aging

This active aging class is perfect for anyone looking to get back into fitness or simply stay active. The class takes place every Tuesday at 11am. Just book your spot on the app.

Our active aging fitness class is designed specifically for older adults to maintain and improve their physical and mental health. These classes focus on promoting strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and balance. The exercises in these classes are tailored to accommodate the unique needs and abilities of older adults. This class is a combination of low-impact aerobic exercises, resistance training, stretching, and balance exercises. The supportive and social nature of these classes creates a sense of community and motivation for participants to stay committed to their health and well-being.

Overall, active aging fitness classes offer a fun and inclusive way for seniors to stay active, energized, and engaged in their later years.



May 30 2023


11:15 am - 12:00 pm

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