Spin & Tone

Spin and tone classes are dynamic and intense workouts that combine the cardiovascular benefits of indoor cycling with strength training exercises. The class typically starts with a warm-up, where participants adjust their spin bikes to a comfortable resistance level. As the class progresses, the instructor guides the group through a series of high-intensity intervals, simulating challenging uphill climbs and exhilarating sprints. The continuous pedaling and resistance variations provide an effective cardiovascular workout, works the muscles in the legs, glutes, and core. Spin and tone classes incorporate strength training exercises using dumbbells or resistance bands. These exercises focus on toning the upper body, including the arms, shoulders, and back, creating a well-rounded and full-body workout.

The combination of cardio and strength training helps increase endurance, burn calories, build lean muscle, and improve overall fitness. Spin and tone classes provide a challenging and exhilarating workout experience that can be modified to suit all fitness levels.


Jul 16 2024


5:15 pm - 6:00 pm

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